How to take the heat treatment process to reduce t

Release Date:2018-03-09 16:00:21

We all know that after the quenching deformation will die, no matter what method, the deformation is inevitable, Shenzhen mold engineers to share, how to take the heat treatment process, reduce the deformation of the mold heat treatment for? To strictly control the deformation of the complex precision mold can be adopted to control.

1. Pre heat treatment

Sophisticated molds, its hardness is not too high, can be used to pre pre heat treatment of steel, die steel (such as 3Cr2Mo, 3CrMnNiMo steel) pre heat treatment, to reach the use of hardness (low hardness of 25~35HRC, high hardness 40~50HRC), then the mold processing is no longer hot treatment, so as to ensure the precision of complex precision molds.

2. Heat treatment with quenched and tempered

The hardness is not high, and the surface hardness requires high precision and complex die, can take the mold after the rough machining of quenching and tempering, finishing after low temperature nitriding (500~550? C), as the mold nitriding temperature is low, there is no matrix transformation, and furnace cooling to room temperature, cooling stress fewer, smaller deformation die.

3. The use of time hardening mould steel

Sophisticated molds can be used hardening steel, such as PMS (1Ni3Mn2CuA1.Mo) steel is a new type of aging mold steel in 870? C solid solution after quenching hardness of about 30HRC, convenient for machining, mold processing after 500? Aging heat treatment about C, you can get the higher hardness of 40~45HRC die, deformation is small, only need to be polished, steel is ideal precision complex mold.

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