Analysis on the cause of earthquake stripe in inje

Release Date:2018-03-09 15:56:21

The surface of the rigid plastic parts such as PS, which is near the gate of its gate, forms a dense ripple at the center of the gate, sometimes called the tremor. The reason is the melt viscosity is too large to form the stagnation of mould filling, the front end of the material exposed to the cavity surface soon condensed, and then constantly alternating melt and burst cold contraction has continued process of the material flow is made to form a surface shock pattern in advance.


(1) improve the flow path and gate size to prevent excessive resistance.

(2) the mold exhaust is good, and it is necessary to set up a large enough cold material well.

(3) do not design too thin.

(4) to increase the temperature of the barrel, especially the nozzle temperature, and to increase the temperature of the die.

(5) improve the injection pressure and speed, so that it can be quickly filled with the model cavity.

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