what are the two key points in the cooling of the

Release Date:2018-01-12 17:33:52

After heating the plastic into the mold, it must be cooled before discharging the last part from the mold, part of it will affect the part cooling, and we must consider how to design it. So, what are the two key points in the cooling of the injection mold?

First, how long does it take to cool it?

Second, how can the plastic be reduced, which will affect the accuracy and consistency of the part of the cooling system.

The injection mold manufacturer recommends that a mold with a uniform wall thickness is used for the whole design. It is more likely that "0.15" or "0.2" between the walls of the cavity is more likely, but it is not wise. The mold is usually a solid shape, because the cooling problem, the improvement of cooling is redesigned to be hollow, and sometimes it may require two hollow parts.

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