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Release Date:2017-12-22 17:28:44

In recent years, China's precision mold industry has made some progress, but the industry competition is more and more intense. A large number of small precision mold manufacturing enterprises need to expand the scale of enterprises and enhance their economic benefits, so as to cope with the fierce competition. The traditional marketing, marketing model has been unable to meet the demand of the development of precision mold industry, the transition from the traditional offline marketing model for online marketing, from the PC to the mobile client, precision mold industry follow the pace of the mobile Internet, follow the trend of the times, entered the mobile Internet Era of marketing.

Mobile network marketing plays a key role in the future development of the traditional industry. With the help of position service, mobile marketing makes marketing more accurate and more obvious than traditional Internet marketing advantage, and the effect is more prominent. A huge amount of information and convenient mutual aid system, to better promote role for enterprises; on the other side of the intelligent mobile phone, consumers or buyers can according to their own needs, the search precision mold products, a product price and related performance parameters, the fingertip touches you can easily buy their own products.

Shenzhen Hengxing Chang Mold Technology Co. Ltd is a set of product design, mold manufacturing, injection molding, injection printing all in one service owned enterprises. The company specializes in all kinds of precision mold design, manufacturing, precision plastic molding, etc. at the same time, we have independently researched and developed many kinds of household products, and have won many national invention patents. The company has been operating under the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system, and the products are exported to Europe, America and other countries.


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